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RGIS and GTS Launch New Battery Test & Replace™ Service For Mobile Devices

​AUBURN HILLS, Ml. (January 18, 2013) -- RGIS, the global market leader in inventory, data collection and space optimization services, together with Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS), a leader in battery power for the mobile workforce, has introduced an industry-first Battery Test & Replace™ service.

GTS and RGIS developed new technology and a new field service program that accurately and quickly determines the condition of each battery used in mobile devices in the workplace, and as necessary, physically removes and replaces the bad ones—not too soon, and not too late.

Millions of mobile professionals, who rely on mobile devices to complete critical job-related tasks, are plagued by unreliable batteries. The devices are only as good as the batteries that power them. Unhealthy batteries are a leading cause of device instability, high service costs, unplanned work stoppages and unnecessary battery expenditures.

The new Battery Test & Replace service is proven to ensure optimal worker productivity, and drastically reduces mobile device service costs. The Battery Test & Replace service provides a new business process that addresses previously uncontrolled battery assets. The service is easy to implement and does not disrupt operations. 

"The expanded use of mobile devices has also led to skyrocketing maintenance costs, employee dissatisfaction and work stoppages... all related to uncontrolled batteries. But until now, there has been no way to quickly and accurately test, remove, replace, and report on the status of thousands of batteries used in the mobile enterprise," said Michael Grosberg, GTS' Chief Operating Officer.

Michael Day, RGIS Vice President Commercial and Industrial Services stated: "We have years of experience conducting independent inventory counts and merchandising services for large companies and this service is a natural extension of our skills. We are very excited to partner with GTS to offer our customers an independent and practical service to address their needs."

John Ling, RGIS' Chief Executive Officer, adds "I am very excited to leverage the strengths of both RGIS and GTS to offer our customers a unique solution to a common business challenge. Our ultimate goal is to always offer a broad set of solutions that allow our customers to run their businesses better, more efficiently, and with great customer satisfaction".

GTS and RGIS recently completed the Battery Test and Replace service for a large national retailer to help them prepare for the holiday season. RGIS deployed over 500 independent auditors to almost 2,000 locations across the U.S. to test batteries in several of their mobile devices. GTS and RGIS tested more than 130,000 batteries in less than a month, collected and reported 800,000 fields of data and found that over 50% were no longer healthy enough to adequately power a device. Even though the retailer consistently invested in new batteries it was practically impossible to remove old batteries from operations. As a result, some of these batteries were over five years old. 

The retailer experienced an immediate R.O.I. from dramatically-increased productivity, immediate reduction in help-desk call volumes, device service tickets and unnecessary repair costs. "Our battery problems were costing us a lot of time and money, and we really needed help. GTS and RGIS came in, knew exactly what to do, and handled everything," said a store manager for this national retailer. "They were in and out quickly, didn't cause any disruption, and when they left, our battery situation was completely straightened out!"

About RGIS
RGIS is the market leader in supply chain, inventory, insights, merchandising and optimization solutions. Our services include inventories, supply chain, compliance audits, store mapping, merchandising, resets, staffing solutions and store optimization. We deploy employees in more than 40 countries, offering our customers unsurpassed geographic coverage and unique tools and processes to ensure accuracy, reliability and efficiency. 
To find out more about RGIS, please visit or call 1-800-551-9130.

About Global Technology Systems, Inc. 
Global Technology Systems, Inc. ("GTS") is the trusted expert in mobile power technology. GTS designs and manufactures high-performance batteries, chargers, and power management technologies for essential mobile devices. Millions of public safety, government, military, and business professionals rely on GTS to power mission critical communications and mobile computing applications. Founded in 2000, GTS is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. GTS is the designer and exclusive worldwide manufacturer of Honeywell® Batteries. 
To find out more about GTS, please visit



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