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What’s In a Name?

RGIS is an acronym for Retail Groc​ery Inventory Services. Early success allowed us to scale our business model and rapidly expand into other sectors. Decades later we have far outgrown our name. RGIS now performs more than 1,400 inventories per day for companies of all types and sizes.​

Years of Experience

RGIS covers 40 countries  

40+ Countries with Local Teams

With 34,000 employees and more than 200 offices around the world, we have the resources in the right place to reliably and efficiently complete any project.​


Our Technology​

Mobile T​​​​echnology

Speed and accuracy. RGIS handheld devices, including inventory scanners and tablet applications, are designed specifically to accurately capture inventory data.

Research & Development

Powerful and effective. We invest in equipment, processes and whatever the future may bring. We continue to improve existing tools and develop solutions for emerging trends.

SSAE 16 Compliant

Accurate and secure. We participate in independent, annual SSAE 16 assessments. This represents our focus on data security, process controls and compliance.​​

Inventory Management Pioneers: RGIS

Thomas J. Nicholson founded RGIS in 1958 to offer grocery stores an accurate and economical alternative to in-house inventories. Within a few years, the business expanded beyond the Midwest and started conducting counts across the United States and around the world.



    Creates Retail Grocery Inventory Services in 1958. Headquarters moves from the basement of the Nicholson home to an office in Detroit, Michigan.

    Retail Grocery Inventory Services


    New offices open in Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana and Minnesota. RGIS also creates an international presence in Canada.

    RGIS employee with TJN calculators


    RGIS invests in new technologies, introducing the SCM electronic calculator and the custom-designed TJN calculator.

    RGIS auditors completing retail supply chain audits


    RGIS launches the Audit® microcomputer – proprietary technology. RGIS also develops an HQ Data Center for processing information.

    RGIS auditor completing a stocktake


    Global reach increases with offices in Mexico, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Israel and Brazil. Technology takes a quantum leap forward with the introduction of the Portable Financial (PORTFN) program.

    Microchip in RGIS RM1 scanner


    Offices open in ten more countries. RGIS releases the RM-1 wireless scanner and revolutionizes the way inventory data is captured. Blackstone acquires RGIS.

    RGIS offic building


    Advances in wireless technology and software make real-time reporting possible. Mobile apps add new levels of insights and transparency.

    RGIS stocktake

Our Leadership 

Siegfried De Smedt  

Siegfried De Smedt

Chief Executive Officer – U.S. and Canada

Asaf Cohen  

Asaf Cohen

Chief Executive Officer – International

Michael Pomeroy  

Michael Pomeroy

Chief Financial Officer

Priscilla Messir  

Priscilla Messir

Chief Human Resources Officer

Krish Mani  

Krish Mani

Chief Information Officer

Greg Schooneveldt  

Greg Schooneveldt

President, Asia Pacific

Jorge Schmidt  

Jorge Schmidt

President, Latin America

Dean Juliano  

Dean Juliano

President, Canada